Germocid Glutacare

High level disinfectant for invasive medical devices.

Germocid Glutacare is a Medical Device CE 0546 class IIb in compliance with Directive 93/42/ECC.

GERMOCID GLUTACARE is a ready to use solution for high level of disinfection and cleansing of invasive medical devices.
The product is used for the treatment of thermolable and non autoclavable medical equipment (e.g. ultrasonic transducers, pulse oximeter probes, stethoscopic and endoscopic probes, ECG devices, incubators, equipment for blood pressure measure, radiologic instruments, monitors etc).
It has a high efficiency and it is quick and safe. Glutaraldehyde in combination with O phenylphenol and Isopropyl alcohol provides a broad spectrum of action against pathogens such as Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, fungi, spores and viruses (Adenovirus, HIV, HBV and HCV).

100,0 g of the product contain: Glutaraldehyde 2,0 g; O Phenylphenol 0,5 g; Isopropyl alcohol; coformulants; depurated water q.s. to 100,0 g.

It is advised to precede the treatment with a suitable cleansing. The product is used as it is for instruments disinfection. Immerse the instruments in the solution for 5 minutes to have an antibacterial action, 15 minutes vs fungi and viruses, 60 minutes vs Mycobacterium tuberculosis and for 4 hours for a sporicidal action. Complete the processes with an accurate rinsing phase with sterile water. The 2% Glutaraldehyde solutions have been shown to maintain disinfectant properties in the presence of contamination with organic material and microbial load for a period of 14 days. Do not exceed the times indicated. The scientific literature also recommends repeated use in endoscope washing machines for a number of disinfection cycles not exceeding 30-40.
For an aseptic conservation immerse the disinfected instruments in a product solution diluted to 10% in water or alcohol until the time of use. Rinse the instruments with sterile water before use.
In case of a prolonged period in contact with the aqueous solution (more than 24 hours), to preserve the metal parts it is necessary to add an antioxidant product to the solution. Avoid the simultaneous immersion of medical devices made of different metal alloys or carbon steel for more than 24 hours.

Carefully read the instructions and directions for use on the label.

1000 ml Bottle – Box containing 12 Bottles


3 years.
The indicated period of validity refers to the product properly stored in its container and correctly used.
Store in a cool, dry place, away from heat sources.