Desactivator of disinfectant solutions.

It is a desactivator of disinfectants solutions containing Glutaraldehyde.
The product is a limpid colorless and odorless liquid.
Desactivator phase 1 has a basic Ph, Desactivator phase 2 has an acid pH.

Phase1: Contains Sodium Hydroxide.
Phase 2: Contains Hydrochloric Acid.

Add by carefully mixing 50 ml (two 25 ml measuring caps) of DESACTIVATOR FASE 1, with a green label, for each liter of solution containing 2% of Glutaraldehyde (es. GERMOCID GLUTACARE).
An excessive dose does not cause damage.
Leave to react for 24 hours. At the end of this process the liquid will have assumed a different color.

Add 50 ml (two measuring caps) of DESACTIVATOR FASE 2, with a red label, to the liquid prepared during the first step.
Mixing thoroughly and allow to react for about an hour before disposal the product. The desactivated solution respects the environment.

Carefully read the instructions and directions for use on the label.

One case containing:
– 300 ml Bottle of Desactivator phase 1, with green label.
– 300 ml Bottle of Desactivator phase 2, with red label.

Box containing 6 Cases


5 years.
The indicated period of validity refers to the product properly stored in its container and correctly used.
Store in a cool, dry place, away from heat sources.