Our Vision

The corporate philosophy of Germo aims at the full satisfaction of Customers through the quality of product and service provided.

Germo’s company commitment declines both in defining sales, investment and development strategies that are always tailored to industry trends, and in organizing its supply chain in the respect of quality, safety and company’s social responsibility.

To this end Germo aims to anticipate the needs of its Customers facing, with enthusiasm and professionalism, new challenges, including, nowadays, the most important that certainly is to be able to develop a strong international presence.

Corporate strategic plan sets as main target to export worldwide innovation, efficiency and quality Made in Italy by Germo and placing the Company among the international actors in the field of disinfection.

Our Mission

Innovation, efficiency and Made in Italy quality in the world: these are the strategy focus by Germo for the future. Under this point of view, the Company has already made many investments in Research and Development projects.

There are two main results achieved to date thanks to these actions: being able to considerably increase the production capacity of plants and, at the same time, constantly expand its offer by creating new lines and products.

In fact, by installing the latest equipment, the production process is completely automated and Germo can fully satisfy increasingly demanding procurement requests.

Our products are manufactured according to strict production procedures: ISO EN 9001:2015 and EN 13485:2016 certificates are a further guarantee of excellence – Italian excellence – of Germo’s production system and, consequently, of every single product.

An innovation affecting not only the production department, but also the laboratory within the company: the heart of the activity of Germo is the constant search for new formula that can satisfy every need of the Customer, both prevention and disinfection for medical hospital setting and for retailing. This allows Germo to offer, to date, more than 70 formulations available in 150 formats, a range that makes Germo unique on the national market.





Choosing Germo, coupled with a solid marketing strategy, was rewarding: with a constantly growing turnover and an increasingly significant presence abroad and in stores, Germo products market is constantly expanding.

Germo will continue to strengthen the internationalization of the brand by empowering its distribution network, its presence at industry networking events and marketing strategy that will be increasingly oriented toward digital.

Our Story


The Foundation

The Foundation

The story of Germo – then Chemical Z.C. Italiana – began in 1956. Since then, the Company specializes in the production of pesticides and disinfectants for medical, pharmaceutical and hospital industry.


The Primacy

Thanks to significant investments in Research and Development that have always distinguished the brand, Germo became the first company in Italy to offer disinfectants containing different active ingredients, and thus more effective, thanks to the combined effect of their components. A leadership that placed Germo among the key industry players, as evidenced by the spot of Germo Spray, still kept in Archivio Luce.


Private Label

Began the private label production, medical devices and cosmetics fitting the highest industry certification.

Not surprisingly some of the most important brand in the sector, including Amuchina, Menarini, Wuerth, Chicco, Bennet, Simply, Montefarmaco and Jacuzzi have already entrusted Germo in producing some of their leading products.


The success of GermoZero

The success of GermoZero

The company took on its current name, sealing the great success of those years given by the marketing of the line Germozero in Italian pharmacies.


We participate in the most important European and non-European tenders.


By creating lines dedicated to personal hygiene, cosmetics and household cleaning, Germo extends the target sectors of its products reaching the shelves of supermarkets, confirming a gradual and steady growth on national and international markets.

Our Headquarter

The field of disinfection requires continuous investments in plants and machinery more and more advanced and faster in processes.

Germo operates since 1956 in its present location of Cormano (MI) which, however, is radically transformed over the years, to best meet the production needs of the moment.

The main body is joined by various buildings and existing ones are being gradually restored, until the most recently restoration that has seen a radical renewal of the plants.

These are designed to streamline the production process at 360°, to meet increasing production requirements and to fulfil customers ‘ demands promptly, reducing at the same time the environmental impact of production.