Disinfettante Multiuso

Elimina odori
Ready to use disinfectant against bad smells.

Disinfettante Multiuso is registered by the Italian Ministry of Health.

DISINFETTANTE MULTIUSO is a disinfectant with an exclusive Allergen Free scent also appreciated by our animal friends.
It is a ready to use product, it does not require rinsing, easy and comfortable to use, thanks to the dual function trigger it can also be dispensed in the form of foam, very useful for removing animal hair from tissues.
It is a quickly product that eliminates bacteria, fungi and bad smells from all surfaces and, in one pass, disinfects and cleans plastic, steel, wood and ceramic objects (bedding, carriers, kennels, cages, little cages etc.); surfaces (sanitary ware, tiles, tables etc.); vertical surfaces (doors, walls, etc.); floors (to treat small areas, for example in the case of incontinence of the animal).

100.0 g of product contain:
Quaternary Ammonium Salt 0.50 g; O-phenylphenol 0.02 g; coformulants; depurated water q.s. to 100.0 g.

is indicated wherever rapid intervention is required since it is ready for use, it leaves no residue, it does not require rinsing and dries without leaving halos.
To disinfect: distribute the product by uniformly recovering the area to be disinfected.
The objects must be kept in contact with the product for at least 15 minutes in order to eliminate bacteria and fungi.
For daily cleansing: evenly dispense the product on the surfaces/objects to be treated and distribute with a cloth or paper.
In the case of surfaces or objects that come into direct contact with food: rinse with plenty drinking water.

Carefully read the instructions and directions for use on the label.

750 ml Bottle – Box containing 6 Bottles


5 years.
The indicated period of validity refers to the product properly stored in its container and correctly used.
Store in a cool, dry place, away from heat sources.