Multiusi Salviettina Disinfettante

Disinfectant wipe for rapid skin disinfection.

Multiusi Salviettina Disinfettante is registered by the Italian Ministry of Health.

MULTIUSI SALVIETTINA DISINFETTANTE is indicated for fast and efficacy disinfection of skin; it does not stain, it is not greasy and also carries on a cleaning action when water is not available: when travelling or during long absence from home.
It is used for disinfection of skin in general.
It helps to fight the effects of perspiration eliminating the bacteria that cause a bad body smell.
It disinfects deeply, does not irritate, also excellent for children and in case of insect bites.

Also available in the cosmetic version with the same packaging.

100,0 g of product contain:
Benzalkonium chloride 0,50 g; O-phenylphenol 0,01 g; Alkylisoquinoline bromide 0,20 g; chamomile extract in alcoholic solution; excipients detergents; depurated water q.s. to 100,0 g.

Remove wipe from the bag or from the jar or from the flow pack.
Rub it on the area to be disinfected.
The product is active in 1 minute.

Carefully read the instructions and directions for use on the label.

Polylaminate bag for single wipe – Cardboard case containing 10 bags in box of 12 packs
Polylaminate bag for single wipe – Box containing 400 bags
High density Polyethylene jar with 100 wipes – Box of 6 jars
Polyethylene and Polyethylene terephthalate flow pack with 20 wipes – Box containing 16 flow packs

Q530 (Bag / Cardboard case)
Q440 (Bag / Box)
Q660 (Box)
Q534 (Flow packs)

3 years.
The indicated period of validity refers to the product properly stored in its container and correctly used.
Store in a cool, dry place, away from heat sources.