With this article we want to focus our attention on a topic that is very important to us: the difference between hygienic cleaning and disinfecting, because there’s a lot of confusion about these two expressions. At the grocery store we find a large number of products with titles that ensure us a ‘deep and effective cleaning’, removing germs and bacteria; but what do they actually do, and what does it mean to hygienize?

Each of us likes to live in clean and fragrant environments, because they make us more serene and because we know that they are also safer for our health. Germs and bacteria can in fact be responsible for infections, allergies, or even annoying colds that we would all like to avoid. Although we will never be able to live in aseptic and bacteria-free homes, the most important thing is to prevent the proliferation of harmful ones. Can we do it through an hygienic cleaning product? No, absolutely, and now we will explain why.

Hygienize means to remove dirt from surfaces or objects; if we want the term itself is synonymous with cleaning (NOT “disinfecting”). It improves the appearance and cleanliness of the treated surfaces, removes the top layer of dirt but does not eliminate or even reduce the bacterial load present.

When we talk about ‘disinfecting’ we turn, instead, to the set of operations that eliminate germs and bacteria, in order to significantly reduce the risk of their proliferation to dangerous levels for our health.

Hygienic cleaning products are able to remove dirt from any surface and can therefore be considered detergents. Properly used disinfectants ensure the elimination of 99.9% of harmful bacteria. They are products that has been analyzed and tested and can assume the title of Medical Surgical Device.

It is certainly not essential to always disinfect everything but, as we have seen, it is good to pay close attention to the products we buy. To be on the safe side, you can rely on the quality of Germo’s disinfectant products: they are excellent detergents, guarantee a deep cleaning and a perfect disinfection.

One last recommendation: we also pay attention to the instructions for use: many disinfectants are such only if used pure: once diluted in water they become normal detergents again. Germo products are all concentrated and disinfect even diluted in water.

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